Trump Won. What’s Next?

So the election is over and a winner has been chosen. Donald Trump is the next president of the United States of America. The question now is: what does this mean and what’s next for the nation?

I could probably answer this question by looking at the backlog of vomit Trump has spewed from his mouth during this entire election cycle. I’m not going to do that, because frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing the same tired old arguments against Trump. Instead, I looked for what he has done since winning the election.

At the very least, I believe this will reveal a more honest portrayal of who Trump really is (because he no longer has to pander to voters to win him the election).

Disclaimer: (big shocker) I do not like Donald Trump. He is rude, incompetent, and has given a voice to the most dangerous and hateful people in the nation. I do not believe he deserved to win by any margin and the only reason he did win was a particular set of circumstances that have been mounting for a while now. 

What Trump Has Done So Far:

While the first few days after the election results do not necessarily indicate how he will perform as president, they certainly can give a glimpse into what’s in store.


“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”


At his acceptance speech, a number of things stood out to me:

  • Throughout the speech, he continues to use typical political platitudes. Which, for any other candidate would be just fine.
  • (Timestamp – 6:10) Congratulates his opponent who he had previously said “would be in jail” if he became President.
  • Finally, he ends his acceptance speech by playing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones. In my opinion, this decision completely undid his “congratulations” to Hillary and his call to unity.


The Popular Vote vs. Electoral College

The 2016 election marked the fifth time in U.S. history where the presidential candidate that won did not win the popular vote.

If you are not familiar with the Electoral College I highly suggest watching these videos:

This one describes why the United States implemented the system in the first place and this one describes why it is not an ideal system for democratic elections.

And if you were to ask him 4 years ago, Donald Trump would have agreed with the idea that the Electoral College is unfair:

disaster for a democracy.png

Now that it is a system that favours him over his opponent, my guess is that he does not hold the same sentiment.


The Protests

I realize that the protests are not going to accomplish anything. Donald Trump is officially the President-Elect. As it stands, that is not going to change. I do, however, appreciate the amount of people who are showing their support against Donald Trump. And even those who do not agree with what they stand for have to respect their right to do it.

Donald Trump has been incredibly two-faced on this issue in particular. On one hand, he appreciates protesters who protest things he agrees with.

In November 4th, he criticised Obama for “screaming” at a protester Trump supporter. This is despite the fact that Obama actually told the crowd to respect that person’s right to free speech.

However, when the recent protests targeted Trump, he had a different view on it:


This is despite him years ago acknowledging the unbalanced nature of the Electoral College and his previous support of protest. This is also after his crusade to delegitimize Barack Obama’s presidency (which he won with the popular vote).


A Red Country (Not The Good Kind)

Quite possibly the most disturbing part of these post-election days has been the pool of possible candidates that Trump has to fill his presidential cabinet with. One in particular being suspected as a white nationalist (chosen as White House Chief Strategist).

The House, the Senate, the State governments, and soon the Supreme Court will all be conquered by the Republican Party under Trump. What happens next counts on whether or not they continue to rally behind him or decide to combat him and his more outlandish policies. 

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